Arrival in Japan 

First day in Japan(April 22,2017)

We immediately went touring in Japan the day we arrived.No rest no sleep.Well, at least 2 hrs in my sister’s apartment.haha.Just to keep our luggages and bags.

First stop is.

1.Tokyo Station

Many tourist flock and took pictures.And we’re one of them.I like how the structure is so western and the neighboring buildings were so architecturally and structurally attractive,at least to me.The streets brought a very urban corporate feel.I think because of their cabs,they use mercedes benz,the old ones,gives also a little vintage vibe.

2.Tokyo Sky Tree

A very scenic view of the city. It’s a wonderful exprience to be on top(though I dont remember how high we were from the foot of the tower) and see the lights,the trains,the cars,everything in the city moving.

3.Indian Food

I didn’t expect the Indian food to meet my appetite.It’s so good.You can taste every spices they served.And that bread like,it is so satisfyingly cheesy.Though I dont like much the green one in a bowl.Overall,it’s so worth trying and spending.

First day good tour with a good food ending.



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