Hitachi Seaside Park

April 23,2017-2nd day tour

Please don’t miss this place when you go vacay in Japan and make sure to go there in their full bloom state.Fortunately, the flowers were blooming at the time we went there and the flowers were just so overwhelming.IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!FLOWERS EVERYWHERE!

Going there, we rode a train and then bus.I don’t know the stations and the place etc so I can’t give you the details of how to go there.

Anyways, we stayed and enjoyed the park whole day.Yes,it takes one whole day to enjoy the park since it has a big area.They even have a map for every attractions.You’ll never get bored.They have food stalls,canteen etc.

We bought Okonomiyaki,Takoyaki and I forgot the other two which my parents ate. The struggle is real for my mother who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks here.Even the place is crowded,I notice how clean the park is.There were no trash.They stay clean.

Well,common place to have a date(family or couple date,whatever) is a park right?And Hitachi seaside park would be the best place.

Look at the trees…you could shoot a drama here.hahaha

They also have tulips formed in a heart shape.Kakkoii ne!

The best part of the park is the Nemophilas.The ocean of flowers.

A good beautiful picture is a must have.

Other than Nemophilas, they also have Tulips attractions.This one is like you were in Scotland.Another must have picture.

I love flowers.It overwhelms you and they make you beautiful and it was such a picture perfect.

Another day to end with good food.

I ordered pasta coz I love pasta.I thought I love every kind of pasta,I guess not. Any pasta with cheese for sure I’d love. I did have a lesson here and that is, as my sister said ” You’ll never go wrong with chicken”

I should have go ordered the chicken.

Still a picture perfect day!


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