Sakura+Mt. Fuji:Japan’s signature

April 24,2017-Fuji

Sakura is love.Going to Japan would not be complete if you couldn’t see a glimpse of sakura in full bloom. So lucky to still catch a series of sakura in the foot of Mt. Fuji as the Spring ends.

And look at these classy expensive restaurant…Western style.

Just by the looks of it outside, we can tell that our pockets would be crying.hahaha

But still we had a good food for lunch coz you never go wrong with chicken.

After the Sakura and Mt. Fuji sight seeing we went to our hotel,took a rest. By the way, the view of our hotel is the Fuji-Q Highlands which will you be seeing in my next post.

And we had dinner,this time its Japanese.

They’ve got a huge servings of food.The restaurant is sold out.We had to wait for a vacant place in non-smoking area but still ended up in a smoking area.Don’t get it the wrong way,it still is like a non smoking area because it was a cubicle type of room.You cannot smell and see a smoke of cigar.Still clean and fresh.Well,It’s JAPAN!

I dunnow the names of what we ate,I can’t remeber and did not memorized it.All I remember is that it was so good and very Japanese.


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