Heart Stopping Experience

April 25,2017-Fuji-Q Highlands

To see the roller coasters in the amusement park excites me like I really can’t wait to ride those gigantic towering roller coasters.

So the first roller coaster me and my sister rode is the…


She really recommended this ride, saying that it is  the tallest and has many drops (oh boy it really was) and the roller coaster that made her legs shake.The line is long but not too long.We waited for almost an hour for our turn.I didn’t feel any fear at all even when we were going at the top ready to fall but daanng!I screamed my lungs out as it falls until I was out breath but still the fall didn’t stop yet.It was so fast but it feels like the roller coaster takes too long to finish.I feel like my heart stopped,I can’t breathe,I can’t shout,I feel like I am unconscious at one of the seconds I rode FUJIYAMA.As the roller coaster ends,I am the only one shouting “Sheeeet my gooodnesss!”.The effect of not shouting in the middle of the ride.
The ride really,literally made my legs jelly.

After the monster coaster,we went for a mellow ride,the….

2.Panic Clock

It’s a light ride but it still makes me feel..I dunnow,the feeling like you wanna shout but you cannot.The butterflies you feel in your stomach that you should let go was stuck in your throat or chest.That feeling.

Next ride is…..

3. Eejanaika(Isn’t it good)

(My mother posing.hehe.Eejanaika at the background)

This roller coaster also has a drop and a 360 turn that Fujiyama doesn’t have.It also has a long line.I waited in the line with my sister but I really did not want to go.It chickened me out.I still did not recover from the Fujiyama ride so I backed out and it made my sister angry and disappointed.And so,she went alone.

Then, we ate lunch.What we ate was a bacon rolled rice,and another Japanese food I don’t remember. I also ate Sakura ice cream. I didn’t took a picture šŸ˜¦ .

Next,after some rest, we took another ride. This time it is a ride that my parents could enjoy. The…

4. Mad Mouse

This ride is fun.My parents had fun, it’s not heart stopping,rather, it’s like the ride is tickling you that you just laugh all through out the ride. The ride brings out your inner child. Totemo tanoshii desu. (It was so much fun).

The ride next to Mad mouse is the…

5. Pizzala/Tondemina

This one excites me. I feel like it’s different from Fujiyama and Eejianaika. The ride is relaxing,so relaxing,you can see the view, the stunning view of Mt. Fuji and the City.But one thing I realize riding Pizzala is that the butterflies in my stomach just stays in my chest. I felt sick riding it. I didn’t thought that roller coaster will made me sick. I thought I was brave enough and I wasn’t. Was I afraid of heights?..Oh no…

And again I shouted out the butterflies when it ends.haha

6. Waterslide Splash/Cool Jappaan

This one is also fun.Just one drop and still, it makes me sick plus you get soaked which makes it fun and exciting.

Meanwhile,my parents were enjoying the view of the park.

7. Takabisha

Well, Takabisha ride as you can see has many 360 and yes, we didn’t ride that crazy thing.haha. My sister had tried it and it is the second thing after Fujiyama.

8. Boat Ride

Another thing to do by couples.haha.

9. Wave Swinger

You wanna get tossed?and dizzy?..well, you might wanna ride this.

10. Ferris Wheel

This is another enormous ride that my parents could take. It’s so nice to see the view on top.

11. Dododonpa

We didn’t get to ride this because it was under maintenance. But according to my sister, it’s the fastest coaster in the park.

12. Tentekomai

While strolling the amusement park, we found this ride so crazy…who does that?and who pays for that just to be spinned crazily and made you sick. I really found it so funny watching them.

13. Merry-go-round

This ride is definitely for my parents and kids. We just watch them having fun on the carousel ride. We also had fun taking pictures of them that we forgot our bag on the bench.
14. Tea Cup

This is quite fun. You can control how fast the cup would spin. This was the moment when my mother realized we lost the bag with our passport, wallets and food(it is important.haha) there. But it is JAPAN! You never get lost your things there. You left something, you came back for it untouched.

While my parents were relaxing from the tour and walking in the park, me and my sister went to an anime attraction.

15.  Evangelion World

I love anime. I watched so many animes but this one,I’ am not familiar to it. We still enjoyed the characters and the settings.

(Outside the Evangelion world, you can have a look at the portion of the park.)

16. Bicycle ride

Another moment enjoyed by my parents.My father looks like the driver and he has my mother as a passenger coz he did all the pedalling.
16. Vikings

I already had an experience riding this back in my hometown.And it was fun.At least I made the butterflies in my stomach out.haha.

17. Nagashimasuka

The last thing we rode is this cute mighty kitty. You get soaked and it was fun!

We had an All-Day pass for the park and it was all worth it. It was such a great, heart popping, butterflies in your stomach experience.

Even as we went home, riding the train feels like I’m riding a coaster.

And as I went to sleep it feels like I’am floating from the rides I’ve experienced.

Oh the FUJI-Q feels!